Printing and Labeling Machine

Date coder and printer

Print EXP, MFG date, batch number on various packaging bags, papers, boxes. It can be stand-alone, desktop or be incorporated with existing production line.

Model:ST-161 Desktop Date Coder Printer Machine

  • Coding Speed:15 M/min.
  • Coding Area:L60mm x W35mm.
  • Consumable:Inkroll
  • Power:AC 110V / 220V, 50/60 Hz.
  • Machine Size:580 mm x W 510 mm x H 320 mm.
Date coder and printer

Model:ST-150 Heavy Duty Desktop Date Coder Printer

  • Coding Speed:40 times/min.
  • Coding Area:L35mm x W20mm.
  • Consumable:Ribbon Ink
  • Power:AC 110V / 220V, 50/60 Hz.
  • Machine Size:L 300 mm x W 340 mm x H 340 mm.
Date coder and printer
Date coder and printer
Model:CMK-2A, High-Speed Date Coder Machine
  • Brushless Cam Motor design
  • Ink reservoir cleaning every 2 weeks instead of after each use.
  • Single or Multiple marking of small or large content: Logos, Symbols, English/International characters, graphics, numbers etc.
  • Economical Rubber Alphabet Molds
  • The ink reservoir and alphabet mold area are conveniently placed for easy use.
  • Off-line and On-line operation with external signal.
Date coder and printer

Other Marking Machines available:RLMK-1, FDMK-1, FDMK-2M, SCMK-1

High Speed Marking Machine